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Strength Training For Beginners

Strength training is a type of physical exercise that uses resistance to induce muscular contraction which builds strength, endurance, and size of muscle mass in your body. It goes along with your cardio routines, giving your body a fully balanced workout. Today, AbawiFit shares more about the fundamentals of strength training for beginners.

Our personal trainers have found that resistance band strength training is just as effective as free weights. Not to mention the fact that you can use resistance bands at home, eliminating the need to pay for a gym membership. All strength training workouts need to be well within your limits and carried out at your exact experience level. This type of workout can have extremely negative effects on your body. Tearing muscles, dislocating joints, nerve and tissue damage are all byproducts of poor strength training habits. Consult with our team at AbawiFit; we have the proper credentials and knowledge to teach you.

You can also see a full guide on Safety Tips on our Abawi YouTube channel. It’s a good idea for a quick refresh on safety tips to make sure your workouts are safe. Not only will you get the results you are looking for but your body will remain safely intact.

Strength Training Information

If you search online to lookup strength training information you’ll find that you will have around 440 Million results to sift through. Unless you are a pro, trying to go through that information to create routines for yourself is a sure fire way to get bad Intel, and wind up injured. That’s exactly why I have used the forty years of knowledge I have to create loads of different strength training routines for people of all ages, sizes and skill levels offered to you from my fitness and weight loss app.

The Future of Strength Training

Hi-tech motion caption suits with 3D animation pinpointing primary and secondary muscles in action, showing how specific strength training hits and affects the body is a modern way to gauge how well you’re executing your workouts. Using these suits will also help you figure out where you are the weakest so you can improve that area. Strength training is so high tech!

Want the perfect online strength training workout? Download the AbawiFit app. Our personal trainers customize a comprehensive workout routine delivered straight to your phone. We’re here to help you make a positive, long-term change in your lifestyle. That’s why our fitness app also sends you push notifications so you stay on top of your strength training program and track your progress. Go to the app store to check out our strength training and nutritional apps available on IOS and Android devices.