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Cardio and Your Fitness

If you want to be healthier and look your best, our weight loss app trainers suggest you actually do more cardiovascular workouts than strength training. Getting your heart rate up not only helps to keep you fit as a fiddle, but is a key to happiness due to the release of naturally occurring endorphins in the human body. Cardio workouts help your heart, lungs, muscle groups as well as your circulatory system run like a finely tuned engine.

Testing Your Cardiovascular System

There are a few ways to test your body’s cardiovascular efficiency. The two most popular testing methods are The Resting Heartrate (RHR) method and Blood Pressure method. The RHR method essentially measures how much blood your heart can pump in 60 seconds. The lower the number of beats per minute the stronger your cardiovascular system will be.

You measure your blood pressure by comparing your body’s systolic and diastolic pressure rates as your body is in a resting position. Both of these tests are a great way to track your cardiovascular system. The third test, a VO2 test, which I recommend over the first two, is the most precise way to gauge your cardiovascular fitness levels. A VO2 test is designed to specifically calibrate one’s body, tailoring the right cardiovascular routine for the specific individual tested. Again, the VO2 test is the most innovative and best method for measuring your body’s cardiovascular health.

Recommended Cardio Routine

Short on time? Try this quick at-home cardio routine. It’s simple; do each exercise for 30 seconds (work your way up to a minute each) 5 times. This cardio micro workout works if you’re short on time or you’re traveling. You can even add it after your warm up before the main part of your routine for the day.


Cardiovascular Workout Precautions

It should go without saying that everyone needs to know their limitations, and not overdo it with cardio routines. Make sure to consult your doctor before you start a new fitness routine too. AbawiFit’s online personal trainers, recommend you ease into it if you’re just starting out, the consequences for overdoing it could range from minor to fatal. Your joints, circulatory system and muscles can be hugely negatively impacted. So, pace yourself and gradually increase your cardio routines. In the workout we shared above, start at 30 seconds then increase to 45 seconds all the way to 2 minutes an exercise.

There are so many benefits from having a healthy cardiovascular system. Whether you swim, bicycle, jog or surf like I do, you will notice a difference even after a week of cardio routines. Weight loss, muscle growth, and healthy sleep are all byproducts of having great cardiovascular health. Stay healthy and download the AbawiFit app to learn about other ways to increase your cardiovascular health and get great cardio workouts!