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All About Avocado

Oh, avocad-oh! First things first, did you know that avocado is a fruit?! Move over, apples; in our opinion, avocados should be ranked as one of the top five healthiest foods on the planet. Avocados are an amazing food for many reasons, but until recently, you wouldn’t have known it. Our fitness team loves avocados-avocado on toast, in guacamole, in salads, and even in desserts. We knew avocados were healthy but were originally surprised, as you may also be, to learn about how many avocado benefits there truly are. Today, AbawiFit shares the truth about avocado and how it fits it into your weight loss diet.

All the Avocados Deets

Avocados are packed full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Plus, these green goddesses are only 113 calories so they won’t wreak havoc on your caloric intake. Our fitness experts also love avocados because they are also fiber-rich, and contain vitamins A, C, E, and potassium. So, avocados are delicious and they’re a nutrient-dense fruit.

Avocados Fight Stress

Did you know that avocados are among the best foods to help reduce stress? This is because of the number of B vitamins! Stress can make your body retain weight, particularly around your midsection.

Avocados Have Protein

Each avocado contains four grams of protein, which makes them the fruit with the highest protein! One of our favorite health food swaps is when it comes to a fruit smoothie, avocados are the fruits to include.

How to Include Avocado in Your Diet

Despite their growing popularity, Americans still seem unsure how to eat avocado fruit (remember that!). Include avocado in your weight loss diet by simply putting them in salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and dips. Avocados are a fantastic addition to these dishes and even are included in low-calorie brownies and ice cream recipes.

At AbawiFit, our fitness experts are all about the science of healthy living, and these health benefits of avocado are supported by scientific research. Trust us, avocados are one of the top superfoods to add to your diet. There are only a few other foods that are so packed with essential nutrients, all in one place! Fats are ok; don’t be scared of including healthy fats in your diet.

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